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We are a team of devoted and effective software developers and SEO specialists. To contribute to the improvement of the Internet, We develop SEO tools to help people get better results without any delay. We are happy to serve people who don't have enough time or money to get SEO services, so we offer our services online and free of charge. There are no hidden charges for these tools.

What We Offer ?

In the present era, freelancing has garnered immense popularity among not only the younger generation but also individuals from diverse backgrounds who have discovered the path to earning money online through various methods available on the internet.The digital landscape offers bunch of opportunities for online income generation, with platforms like,,,, and many others leading the way. There,  you can find a huge number of jobs in email marketing, web scraping, and data collection of different types. What sets us apart we are happy to tell you that this tool is absolutely free, and we charge nothing for our service. It's free and always will be. Furthermore, our team is diligently working on integrating additional tools and services, all of which will also be available to you at no cost. We are dedicated to continuously enhancing your online experience and empowering you with the tools you need to thrive in the digital landscape.

Our Story

One year ago, we got a project from a client that was all about collecting data from the web. It may be phone numbers, emails, or URLs, The traditional approach of manually searching, copying, pasting, and spreadsheet preparation proved to be an arduous and time-consuming endeavor. In our quest for a more efficient solution, we tried to explore for free tools online that did this job for us, Unfortunately, the results were less than satisfactory some tools were unreliable, while others required costly subscriptions.That was a moment that brought the idea to fruition. We assembled a dedicated team comprising highly skilled software developers and SEO experts, setting the stage for the inception of The road ahead was not easy to go we faced many challenges hurdels came, but we welcomed all and kept moving for the next challenges. Finally, our hard work made it happen, or, as and we were near to dream comes true. Recently, we have completed the project, so you may find some not-good experiences. Therefore, We invite you to share your feedback, report any issues through our complaints section, and reach out to us directly through our contact section. Your feedback is instrumental in our ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of our services.


Email Extractor was founded in 2023 by Shahid Ali, senior software engineer, and Alorightm developer of EEX. There is nothing new in the world, but it's your way to serve people. The start-up was difficult, but somehow we had to manage things and get started. One of the most critical phases involved assembling the right individuals for our team and effectively conveying our shared mission to them. Our vision was grand and crystal clear from the outset: to provide a top-tier service, completely free of charge, so we started it in February 2023. Our teamwork and collaboration made it possible for us within a few months. We are excited to share that this is just the beginning, other parts of this tool are coming soon with various useful features and tools it sounds good that it would also be absolutely free.

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