Enjoy the Power of 10 Best Free Online Email Extractor Tools

10 Best Free Online Email Extractor Tools

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What are email extractor tools?

Email extractors are useful tools that allow you to extract email addresses from websites. Having a list of emails can be helpful for marketing and outreach campaigns. In this blog post, I will share 10 of the best free email extractor tools available.

Why Use an Email Extractor?

Here are some of the key benefits of using an email extractor:

Find new leads and potential customers - Email extractors help you build marketing and sales lists by discovering new email addresses.
Grow your audience - You can use extracted emails to build your email list, social media following, etc.
Research companies and contacts - Email extractors let you easily find contact info for companies and people you want to learn more about.
Verify existing contacts - Check if the email addresses you have are valid and up-to-date.
Maintain lead lists - An extractor can help you keep your lists clean by removing invalid emails.

Top 10 Free Email Extractors Tools:

1. Free Online Email Extractor
Free online email extractor tool is a simple website that lets you highlight and extract emails from any web page with one click. It automatically removes duplicates and invalid emails.

2. Email Extractor - Chrome Extension
Another handy Chrome extension. Just right-click on a website and extract all the emails with a popup menu. Supports CSV and TXT export.

3. Mailbird Email Extractor
Mailbird's extractor lets you copy and paste web page content to extract emails. It can also crawl sites to find emails. Exports to CSV/XLS/TXT formats.

4. Prospect.io
Prospect.io is an AI-powered web scraping tool. It can extract unlimited emails per month for free. Also extracts social media profiles.

5. Phantombuster - Web Scraping API
Phantombuster provides an API for web scraping tasks like email extraction. 1,000 free credits per month. Integrates with Gmail, Salesforce, etc.

6. Email Extractor By Creative Tim
A client-side JavaScript email extractor from Creative Tim. It works completely offline in the browser.

7. Email Extractor For Gmail - Chrome Extension
This handy extension lets you extract all email addresses from Gmail messages with one click. Supports CSV export.

8. Hunter.io - Email Finder
Hunter offers a free email finder tool that lets you search by domain or name and find email patterns. Limited to 50 searches per month.

9. Voilanorbert Email Finder
Voilanorbert's free email finder supports domain and name searches. Results include name, job title, and email address. Limited to 150 searches per month.

10. Email-Format.com Bulk Email Finder
Email Format offers a basic bulk email address lookup. Just enter domains or companies and it will find associated email patterns. Limited to 150 searches per month.


Having a list of emails can take your marketing and outreach to the next level. The tools in this post make it easy to extract emails from websites for free. Try using a few to build targeted email lists and grow your business. Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite email extractor!

Enjoy the Power of 10 Best Free Online Email Extractor Tools