Free Email Extractor Software

Email Scraper Software

Email Extractor Software is an Email Spider that can extract email addresses from a list of websites. Our email extractor is a powerful tool that can help you save time by extracting emails in a very convenient and automated way. Just start-up the program and let our Email Extractor Software thoroughly search the content of any website for email addresses. Email Extractor is also capable of exporting the extracted data to a .CSV Excel Format File. Try our Email Extractor now and create your own customer contact list within seconds.

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Email Extractor is a great tool

The software is a great tool for gathering emails to help you in your marketing campaigns. We all know that extracting emails manually from hundreds to thousands of websites is an impossible task! That is why our software is perfect to help you extract unlimited number of emails from the different URL’s.

Email Scraper Screenshot

Email Scraper Screenshot

Email Extractor Features

  1. Extract Emails from websites
  2. Export Emails & Websites in .csv Excel Format File
  3. Remove Duplicate Emails
  4. Deep Scan – Software will scan all pages of a website to extract all emails
  5. Front Page Scan – Faster email extraction process but limited to scanning the front or main page of the website only
  6. Pause, Stop & Resume Features provided
  7. You can set timeout’s for the program to scan specific pages
  8. Import URL to the software

The 3 Types of Scan Email Extractor can do

Deep URL Scan

The software will browse through the website’s pages (within its domain only) for the email.

  • Can process subdomains & URL redirects
  • Can add multiple URLs to the task
  • Can set the timeout for the program to scan a specific website
  • Can stop/resume tasks
  • Save to File

Front Page Scan

The software will browse the websites front or main page only for the email.

  • Can add multiple URLS to the task
  • Can stop/resume tasks
  • Save to File

File Scan

The software will browse through any readable file for emails.

  • Can load file
  • Save to file

Try our Email Extractor now and start scraping emails in a push of a button!

Download the Email Extractor via our Download Page